318+ Kelly Clarkson Lyrics To Use As Instagram Captions
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Updated 318+ Kelly Clarkson Lyrics To Use As Instagram Captions

Are you looking for the perfect Kelly Clarkson lyric to use as an Instagram caption? We have compiled a list of the best Kelly Clarkson lyrics for your next post!

Are you a fan of Kelly Clarkson’s music? We have compiled a list of the best Kelly Clarkson lyrics for you to use as your next Instagram caption. Whether you need a caption for a photo of you and your friends, or just a great quote to caption your next selfie, we have you covered!

Kelly Clarkson Lyrics Captions

Welcome to our blog post about using Kelly Clarkson lyrics as Instagram captions! Kelly Clarkson is one of the most successful and beloved singers of the modern era, and her songs are full of inspiring and motivational messages. We’ve compiled a list of some of her most popular lyrics that are perfect for spicing up your Instagram posts. So if you’re looking for the perfect caption to accompany your next photo, then check out this list of Kelly Clarkson lyrics!Kelly Clarkson Lyrics Captions

“Beneath the roses and fairy tales, love plays its symphony – both enchanting and deceiving.”

“In the dance of love, even the strongest pride falls prey to a heart’s sweet lie.”

“Love’s gamble: where a heart is both the player and the prize.”

“The colors of love: painting dreams in bright hues, yet shadowing the heart in deeper blues.”

“Swept by love’s current, where the heart finds its joy and its pain intertwined.”

“Love’s irony: the call we cannot refuse, the fall we cannot control.”

I'm unbreakable, unshakable, unstoppable, unshakeable

“Wiser in love’s aftermath: a heart mended, yet eternally vigilant.”

“The rain of love’s end: where every drop echoes a heart’s fractured tale.”

“In love’s arena, our hearts are both the victor and the vanquished.”

“The paradox of love: a journey of exhilarating highs and excruciating lows, leaving us both fulfilled and fragmented.”

“Love: A melody that turns hearts into symphonies, yet sometimes leaves them in silent dissonance.”

I don't wanna be somebody who walks away so easily

“In the classroom of love, every heartache is a lesson in wisdom, every joy a chapter in bliss.”

“Love, the masterful artist, paints dreams and erases certainties with the same brush.”

“The bittersweet symphony of love: creating harmonies of happiness, yet orchestrating the blues of sorrow.”

“In love’s unpredictable storm, hearts navigate through both the calm and the chaos.”

“Love, the unsolvable riddle: It lifts you to the skies, then leaves you questioning the ground beneath your feet.”

I'm gonna keep on believing, no matter what

“A journey through love is the bravest quest of the heart, filled with risks and rewards in equal measure.”

“Love’s paradox: a force so tender, yet capable of tearing the strongest walls we build.”

“Amidst love’s roses and thorns, every heart learns the art of resilience and the grace of surrender.”

“In the dance of love, every step is a mix of grace and stumble, leading us to both ecstasy and agony.”

“From Miss Self-Sufficient to embracing affection’s surprise, discovering the warmth of love’s embrace.”

I'm gonna keep on running, no matter what

“Miss Independent: once a fortress of solitude, now a garden where love blooms.”

“She wore independence like armor, only to find love was the key to her heart’s unguarded gates.”

“The transformation of Miss Independent: learning that letting love in doesn’t mean giving up strength.”

“Miss Keep-Your-Distance, now discovering the closeness of true connection.”

“From the throne of solitude to the shared seat of love’s embrace – the journey of Miss Independent.”

I'm gonna keep on hoping, no matter what

“Miss Guarded Heart finds that love’s melody can play even in the most self-sufficient of souls.”

“The evolution of Miss Independent: realizing that vulnerability and strength can coexist in the harmony of love.”

“Miss Unafraid to Miss Open-Hearted: A tale of love breaking through the walls of independence.”

“Miss Independent’s revelation: Love isn’t about losing yourself, but finding a shared path.”

“She who walked alone found that love doesn’t overshadow independence, but rather illuminates it.”

I'm gonna keep on searching, no matter what

“Miss Self-Sufficient discovers that love isn’t a crutch, but a companion walking beside her.”

“In the embrace of love, Miss Independent finds not a cage, but wings.”

“The leap from independence to interdependence: Miss Independent learning the dance of love.”

“From ‘Miss Don’t-Need-Anyone’ to ‘Miss So-Glad-I-Found-You’: A journey towards love’s unexpected gifts.”

“Miss Independent’s realization: Love doesn’t demand surrender, but partners with strength.”

“Where independence meets love, there blooms a rare flower of self-sufficiency and shared joy.”

“In finding love, Miss Independent didn’t lose herself; she discovered new dimensions within her heart.”

“Miss On-Her-Own now hand-in-hand with love, proving that even the self-reliant can find harmony in companionship.”

“The story of Miss Independent: A testament that even the most self-contained hearts have room for love.”

Kelly Clarkson Instagram Captions

If you’re a fan of Kelly Clarkson, you know she has some of the best lyrics around! With her songs ranging from sentimental and romantic to upbeat and inspirational, there’s something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for an Instagram caption or just need a pick-me-up, Kelly Clarkson is here to provide. Here are some of our favorite Kelly Clarkson lyrics to use as Instagram captions!Kelly Clarkson Instagram Captions

“In the echo of empty promises, standing strong despite the cold truth.”

“Walking away from the shadows of betrayal, into a light of self-worth.”

“When trust is shattered, the silent pieces speak the loudest truths.”

“Emerging from the depths of deceit, stronger and more aware.”

“Betrayal’s chill can’t freeze a heart determined to heal.”

“In the aftermath of disappointment, finding strength in solitude.”

You have to be able to accept failure to get better

“From the ashes of broken trust, rising with unshaken resolve.”

“Where words failed and loyalty faltered, my resilience took root.”

“The cold sting of betrayal, a bitter lesson in trust and moving on.”

“Once blinded by trust, now seeing clearly in the light of truth.”

“Navigating through the fog of deception to find the clarity of self-trust.”

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance

“In the silence of abandonment, discovering the loudest voice was always within.”

“Betrayal’s lesson: Sometimes the hardest goodbyes pave the path to true freedom.”

“Amidst the ruins of broken promises, constructing a fortress of inner strength.”

“Learning that the coldest betrayals can ignite the fiercest fires of independence.”

“When left in the shadows of deceit, the light of self-worth shines brightest.”

The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday

“From the pain of being let down, blossoming into unwavering self-reliance.”

“Realizing that the lowest point of betrayal was the starting line for my comeback.”

“In the wake of disloyalty, finding solace in the loyalty to oneself.”

“Betrayal tried to break me, but in its wake, I found my unbreakable core.”

“In the aftermath of falsehood, forging a path of authentic self-discovery.”

If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude

“Where false promises end, the journey to self-trust begins.”

“From the ashes of deception, rising with a newfound sense of clarity and purpose.”

“Betrayal’s bitter taste, a catalyst for a sweeter understanding of one’s own strength.”

“Left in the cold by deceit, yet warmed by the fire of personal growth.”

“The sting of betrayal, teaching lessons of strength no book could ever impart.”

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts

“In the shadows of letdown, discovering a light that never dims — inner resilience.”

“Betrayal’s harsh winter only served to nourish the spring of my self-reliance.”

“From the depths of despair, emerging with the wings of independence.”

“When trust is broken, the shards become a mirror reflecting a stronger self.”

“In the quiet of despair, you emerged as my unexpected miracle.”

It's not about perfect, it's about effort

“When hope was a fading star, your love became the sunrise.”

“You turned my nights into dawn – a miracle in human form.”

“In your eyes, I found the miracle I prayed for.”

“Your love, a sweet revelation, turning my world from gray to a spectrum of colors.”

“From the shadows of loneliness to the warmth of your miraculous embrace.”

“You are the serendipity in my life’s symphony – a melody of unexpected joy.”

“In the arms of your love, I found my miracle – tender and true.”

“You’re the unexpected chapter where every word spells out a miracle.”

“With your touch, you painted my life with the brush of a miracle.”

“In a world of strangers, your love was the miracle I didn’t see coming.”

“Your presence turned my life’s storms into a miraculous calm.”

“Like a beacon in the night, your love guided me to a miraculous new dawn.”

Kelly Clarkson Song Lyrics Captions

Are you a fan of Kelly Clarkson’s music? Are you looking for the perfect caption for your next Instagram post? Look no further! Here, we have compiled some of the best Kelly Clarkson song lyrics to use as captions on your Instagram posts. Read on to find out more about the amazing Kelly Clarkson song lyrics captions!Kelly Clarkson Song Lyrics Captions

“You are the unexpected miracle, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary memories.”

“In your embrace, I found my sanctuary, a miraculous haven of love.”

“Your love lifted me up when life seemed to fall apart – a true miracle in action.”

“You’re the miracle that made my heart believe in wonders again.”

“In the desert of solitude, you were the rain – my miraculous oasis.”

“Every day with you is a testament to the miraculous power of love.”

I'm not gonna be just a face in the crowd

“You came into my life as a whisper of hope, blooming into a miraculous reality.”

“Amidst life’s uncertainties, your love shines as my miraculous constant.”

“You walked into my life and turned every expectation into a miraculous surprise.”

“Your love is the miracle that rewrote my story with hope and joy.”

“In the tapestry of life, your threads of love are the miraculous patterns that stand out.”

I'm not gonna be just a face in the crowd

“Like a lighthouse in the dark sea of life, you are my miraculous guide to safe shores.”

“In the melody of your love, I found the sweetest, most unexpected miracle.”

“You are the miracle that bloomed in the garden of my life, unexpectedly and beautifully.”

“With a heart once cloaked in doubt, your love was the miraculous key to its awakening.”

“In your love, I discovered the miracle I never knew I was searching for.”

I'm gonna be the one to turn it all around

“Your arrival in my life was like a star shooting across my sky – sudden, bright, and miraculously beautiful.”

“Conversing with my shadow, asking ‘What’s up, lonely?’ as I seek a brighter path.”

“In the mirror of solitude, finding the strength to say goodbye to yesterday’s pain.”

“Loneliness, once a constant companion, now a memory fading in the rearview.”

“To my persistent shadow of sorrow: It’s time to find a new heart to hover over.”

You can be the one who never gives up

“Bidding farewell to loneliness, a silent partner in my journey of healing.”

“Asking ‘What’s up, lonely?’ and choosing to walk away from the echoes of heartache.”

“Turning away from the mirror of the past, ready to embrace a future free of shadows.”

“Heartache, your time is up. I’m moving on, leaving loneliness behind.”

“In the dance with loneliness, learning the steps to move on and let go.”

No matter what you do, you can still be the one

“Facing the reflection of solitude and choosing a new companion: Hope.”

“Whispering to loneliness, ‘It’s time to part ways,’ as I step into a new dawn.”

“In the dialogue with my solitude, discovering the voice of my own strength.”

“Loneliness, once my shadow, now left behind in the light of self-discovery.”

“Telling my reflection of sorrow: ‘Your time as my companion has ended.'”

I'm gonna be the one to make it through the fire

“Breaking free from the embrace of loneliness, ready to welcome a future of joy.”

“Loneliness, you’ve overstayed. I’m reclaiming my happiness, one step at a time.”

“Asking loneliness to leave, as I open the door to a world of new possibilities.”

“Turning the page on the chapter of loneliness, ready to write a story of hope.”

Most Memorable Kelly Clarkson Lyrics

Kelly Clarkson has been an inspiration in the music industry since her first single, “A Moment Like This” in 2002. She has written many songs that have become anthems for millions of fans around the world. Today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most memorable Kelly Clarkson lyrics that you can use as Instagram captions. Whether you are looking for a line to express your current mood, or a line that will perfectly capture a moment, we’ve got you covered with these iconic Kelly Clarkson lyrics.Most Memorable Kelly Clarkson Lyrics

“In the journey from heartache to healing, saying goodbye to loneliness is the first step.”

“Facing loneliness in the mirror, and choosing to smile back with newfound courage.”

“Echoing ‘What’s up, lonely?’ as I step out of the shadows into my own light.”

“Loneliness, once my constant, now a fading whisper in the story of my resilience.”

“Facing the solitude in the mirror, ready to trade it for a smile of self-assurance.”

“To my old friend loneliness: It’s time for new beginnings, and for you to find a new home.”

I will not break, I'll reach higher

“Learning to walk alone, leaving the familiar path of loneliness for uncharted happiness.”

“In the silent conversation with loneliness, finding the words to say farewell.”

“Turning my back on loneliness, embracing the warmth of self-compassion.”

“In the dance of solitude, finding the rhythm to move forward with grace and strength.”

“Heartache, your lessons are learned. Loneliness, your time is done. I’m moving on.”

I'm gonna keep on smiling 'cause when I stop smiling I'll be done

“Once hand-in-hand with loneliness, now stepping forward with independence and hope.”

“At the station of life, pondering the trains we just missed and the journeys still to come.”

“In the quiet aftermath of a missed chance, finding peace in what might have been just a dream.”

“Reflecting on moments lost, like trains missed in the blink of an eye.”

“In the echoes of what could have been, learning to embrace what is.”

You can take everything I have, you can break everything I am

“Missed opportunities: not just endings, but gateways to new beginnings.”

“Sometimes life feels like a missed train – a fleeting chance that slipped away.”

“In the hush of missed moments, realizing some things are meant to stay dreams.”

“Watching the train of opportunity pull away, only to find calm in its fading whistle.”

“At the crossroads of chance, where missed trains remind us that not every journey is ours to take.”

You don't have to be so blind, just follow your heart and you'll be fine

“In the stillness of a missed connection, understanding that some paths are meant to diverge.”

“Standing at life’s platform, watching the ‘what-ifs’ chug away, leaving trails of wisdom in their wake.”

“In the narrative of our lives, the chapters of missed trains are often the most telling.”

“The train of chance may have passed, but the journey of discovery is never-ending.”

“Missed trains in our journey: reminders that every moment is a fleeting treasure.”

I'm gonna keep on rising 'cause when I stop rising I'll be done

“Weaving memories of the trains we missed, understanding each one led us to where we need to be.”

“In every train missed, a lesson learned, a memory cherished, a future anticipated.”

“Beneath the canopy of time, pondering over trains missed and paths untaken.”

“Each missed train in the journey of life adds a layer to our story, rich and complex.”

“Life’s missed trains: not just endings of what could have been but beginnings of what is yet to be.”

I'm gonna keep on breathing 'cause when I stop breathing I'm done

“In the quiet reflection of missed opportunities, finding solace in the journey that still lies ahead.”

“Gazing at the departing train of ‘what could have been,’ yet standing ready for the next journey.”

“In the station of life, every missed train is a reminder of the unscripted nature of our stories.”

“As the train of opportunity fades into the distance, the tracks of resilience lay ahead.”

Best Kelly Clarkson Lyrics for Instagram Captions

Are you looking for the perfect lyric to use as a caption for your Instagram post? Look no further! Here we have compiled the best of Kelly Clarkson’s lyrics to use as Instagram captions. Whether you’re celebrating a major milestone, trying to capture a moment in time, or just want to add a little extra sparkle to your post, Kelly Clarkson has a lyric for you. So, let’s get started and check out these amazing Kelly Clarkson lyrics to use as Instagram captions!Best Kelly Clarkson Lyrics for Instagram Captions

“Embracing the silence after the train has gone, knowing that new adventures await.”

“Life’s missed trains teach us that not every opportunity is meant for our journey.”

“In the aftermath of a missed connection, finding courage in the unknown paths ahead.”

“Reflecting on the trains we missed, understanding that every choice leads us to our destiny.”

“The whistle of a missed train echoes the lessons learned and the strength gained.”

“Missed opportunities, like distant trains, leave behind trails of wisdom and growth.”

I'm done with the second guessing, I'm done with the uncertainty

“Watching the last train leave, embracing the peace of what is, over the chaos of what could have been.”

“In the midst of chaos, his beauty was the most disarming disaster.”

“A soul both damned and divine, creating a storm of exquisite beauty.”

“Holding on to a beautiful disaster, where love is both the cure and the curse.”

“Trapped in the whirlwind of his beauty, a disaster too compelling to escape.”

I'm gonna be brave, gonna face the unknown

“He’s the myth I can’t stop believing in, a beautiful tragedy in my world.”

“In his eyes, a paradise lost, yet a beauty so profound.”

“A beautiful disaster: where every touch is both pain and pleasure.”

“Drowning in the beauty of his chaos, a tempest of heartache and love.”

“In his embrace, I find a beautiful catastrophe, too intense to release.”

I'm gonna keep on dreaming, I'm gonna keep on flying

“He walks a line between devastation and beauty, a paradox I can’t resist.”

“Captivated by a beautiful disaster, where sorrow and love intertwine.”

“His smile, a serene calamity, destroying defenses with its beauty.”

“In the ruins of his beautiful disaster, I find pieces of my own heart.”

“A beautiful disaster, where his chaos becomes my peace.”

I'm gonna keep on believing, I'm gonna keep on trying

“Lost in the labyrinth of his beauty, a disaster that feels like home.”

“His love is a beautiful disaster, breaking and healing in the same breath.”

“A beautiful disaster, weaving magic and misery in my soul.”

“In his chaos, I found beauty; in his disaster, I found love.”

“The beautiful disaster of loving him – a storm I’d weather a thousand times.”

I'm gonna keep on living, I'm gonna keep on loving

“He’s a symphony of beautiful destruction, playing havoc with my heart.”

“His touch, both a beautiful dream and a haunting disaster.”

“In his beautiful disaster, I found an enigmatic love story.”

“A beautiful disaster: his love, a maze of pain and ecstasy.”

“His love: a beautiful catastrophe, leaving scars and memories.”

I'm gonna keep on trying, I'm gonna keep on climbing

“In the eye of his beautiful storm, finding a love that’s worth the chaos.”

“His heart, a beautiful disaster, where I lose and find myself.”

“A beautiful disaster, where his imperfections become perfections.”

“Caught in the beauty of his disaster, a paradoxical serenity.”

“His love, a beautiful disaster, an exquisite pain I crave.”

Kelly Clarkson Quotes for Instagram Captions

If you’re looking for the perfect Instagram caption, why not turn to the queen of pop herself, Kelly Clarkson? From her iconic hits to her heartfelt ballads, Clarkson’s music has been providing inspiration to her fans for years. Here, we’ve gathered some of her best quotes and lyrics to use as captions for your next post. So, whether you’re trying to find the words to express your emotions or just need something catchy to pair with your photo, Kelly Clarkson has you covered.Kelly Clarkson Quotes for Instagram Captions

“In the wreckage of his beauty, finding a love that’s disastrously perfect.”

“A beautiful disaster: his love, a fire that both warms and burns.”

“Amidst his chaos, his beauty shines like a tragic star.”

“He’s the beautiful disaster I can’t help but adore.”

“In his disaster, there’s a beauty that’s painfully irresistible.”

“His chaos, a beautiful storm I’m willing to brave.”

Dreams can come true if you keep believing - Kelly Clarkson

“A beautiful disaster, where his flaws become the art of love.”

“Lost in the beauty of his disaster, where love and chaos collide.”

“He’s the beautiful disaster that I keep coming back to.”

“In the beautiful disaster of us, finding a love that defies logic.”

“His love, a disaster beautifully written in the stars.”

You are enough - Kelly Clarkson

“Captured by the beauty in his disaster, a love story written in tears and joy.”

“His beautiful disaster, a paradox that my heart can’t solve.”

“In the chaos of his beauty, finding a disaster I’d live in forever.”

“A beautiful disaster, his love a storm of passion and pain.”

“Embracing the beautiful disaster of him, where every moment is bittersweet.”

You have to be willing to fight for what you believe in - Kelly Clarkson

“In his beautiful chaos, finding a love that’s destructively perfect.”

His disaster, my beauty – entwined in a dance of chaotic love.”

“The beauty in his disaster, a magnetic chaos drawing me closer.”

“His love, both a beautiful miracle and a devastating disaster.”

“In the heart of his beautiful disaster, finding a love that’s fiercely profound.”

You have to be willing to take risks and not be afraid of failure - Kelly Clarkson

It’s okay to be scared but you have to do it anyway – Kelly Clarkson

You have to be strong enough to take the hard road – Kelly Clarkson

You have to be brave enough to take the first step – Kelly Clarkson

You have to be brave enough to be yourself – Kelly Clarkson

You have to be willing to fight for what you believe in – Kelly Clarkson

You have to be willing to make mistakes - Kelly Clarkson

You have to be willing to take the bad with the good – Kelly Clarkson

You have to be willing to be vulnerable – Kelly Clarkson

It’s okay to be scared but you have to believe in yourself – Kelly Clarkson

You have to focus on the positive – Kelly Clarkson

You have to be brave enough to take chances – Kelly Clarkson

You have to be willing to make mistakes and learn from them - Kelly Clarkson

You have to be willing to put yourself out there and take risks – Kelly Clarkson

You have to be willing to stand up for what you believe in – Kelly Clarkson

You have to be strong enough to take the good with the bad – Kelly Clarkson

You have to be brave enough to be true to yourself – Kelly Clarkson

You have to be willing to take the hard road and not be afraid – Kelly Clarkson

It’s okay to be scared but you have to believe in yourself – Kelly Clarkson

You have to be brave enough to take chances and be yourself – Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson Lyrics to Inspire Your Instagram Captions

Are you looking for an Instagram caption that resonates with your followers? Look no further than the inspiring lyrics of Kelly Clarkson! Kelly Clarkson has been an influential figure in the music industry for almost two decades, and her lyrics are full of meaningful and inspiring messages. In this blog post, we have rounded up some of the best Kelly Clarkson lyrics that are perfect for your next Instagram caption. Keep reading to find some inspiration for your next post!Kelly Clarkson Lyrics to Inspire Your Instagram Captions

“Unveiling the truth, turning the tables – you thought wrong.”

“In the light of truth, your games are exposed – I see through you.”

“Your cover’s blown; the joke’s on you – I’m not fooled.”

“Empowered by the truth, laughing last – you thought wrong.”

“Seeing through your deception, standing tall – your time is up.”

“You played a game, but I’m the one winning – game over.”

I'm gonna show you what it's like to fly

“Your lies uncovered, my strength unshaken – I stand victorious.”

“The veil lifted, your games revealed – I’m not your pawn.”

“You tried to play me, but I’m the one in control now.”

“Thought you had me, but I’m the one laughing now – victory is sweet.”

“Your false mask removed, revealing my true strength.”

I'm gonna be the one that you can't deny

“You underestimated me, but I’m the one on top now.”

“Thought you could deceive me? Think again – I’m stronger than your lies.”

“Your game, my rules – I’m rewriting the narrative.”

“You played the player, but I’m the master of my fate.”

“Your manipulations exposed, my resilience shines.”

I'm gonna be the one who never gives up

“Tried to fool me, but the joke’s on you – I’m unbreakable.”

“Under your deceit was my hidden power – now unleashed.”

“You thought I was in the dark, but I was the light all along.”

“Fooled by your facade, now awakened to my own power.”

“Thought you had me fooled? My clarity says otherwise.”

I'm gonna be the one who never lets go

“Your deception’s curtain falls, revealing my triumph.”

“In the face of your deceit, my strength stands tall.”

“You tried to play games, but I’m the winner here.”

“Thought you could control me? I’m not anyone’s puppet.”

“Your lies revealed, my empowerment shines.”

I'm gonna be the one who never stops loving

“Fooled me once, but now I’m the one in charge.”

“Your trickery unmasked, my confidence unshaken.”

“You thought I was weak, but I’m stronger than ever.”

“In the deceitful game you played, I emerged as the true victor.”

“Fooled by your lies, but now I stand in my truth.”

I'm gonna be the one who never stops believing in the power of family

“Your manipulation has no place in my world of truth.”

“You tried to deceive, but I’ve risen above – triumphant.”

“Your falsehoods uncovered, my strength unstoppable.”

“In your web of lies, I found my unyielding power.”

“You thought you could break me, but I’m only stronger.”

“Fooled by your charm, now enlightened by my power.”

“Your deceit was a lesson, my strength the reward.”

“You played the game, but I’ve won the battle.”

“Thought you could fool me? My insight says otherwise.”

“In the shadow of your deceit, my strength found its light.”

“You thought you held power, but it’s been mine all along.”

“Fooled into believing your lies, now awakened to my resilience.”

“Your game of deceit ended, my era of strength begins.”

“You thought you could control the narrative, but I’m the author of my story.”

“In the aftermath of your deceit, I stand stronger than before.”

“Fooled by your illusion, now empowered by reality.”

“Your manipulation a distant memory, my strength a present truth.”

“You thought you could deceive me, but I’m the one with the last laugh.”

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