A Complete Guide for Face Massage at Home

A Complete Guide for Face Massage at Home

Massage is the best gift we can give to our bodies. The soothing sensation after the massage relaxes our body. The techniques and motions calm our nerves and the stress is relieved. With a myriad of benefits associated with massages like foot massage we do with our best foot massager, we simply can’t forget how it can benefit our face too! Yes yes, our face muscles need massage too.

Our face goes through hundreds of emotions every day, frowning, crying, happiness, and whatnot. Along with our minds, these daily emotions play with our skin’s health too. The facial muscles tense up and this tension remains clearly visible from cheeks and eyes.

Your daily morning skincare routine should feature a brief period of facial massage too. These facial massages rejuvenate our skin and improve circulation. The issues regarding pores, pimples, and skin sensitivity would vanish once you start massaging the face. 

But, here comes the dilemma of whats and hows. That’s where we save you and provide a complete guide for a face massage at home. Here, you will get an insight into facial massages, necessary precautions, benefits, and much more. Check this out!

Understanding the Motion of Facial Massage

Understanding the Motion of Facial Massage

The motion plays an important role in facial massage. The motion of your fingers should vary according to pressure points and the area of your face. For instance, when massaging beneath your eyes then apply circular motion and pressuring down to your chin. These motion adhere to the benefit of particular pressure points. 

Also, you can pinch little skin while massaging too. It is applicable for eyebrows, cheekbones, etc. Whereas, you can apply single tip pressure on your forehead for relaxing. The motion can be broad strokes, pinching, slow and repetitive gestures, etc. The proper usage of these gestures will help in gentle massaging. You should end the facial massage by sweeping the entire face with gentle pressure.

Extra tips – The motion should be gentle and your skin should be hydrated to avoid roughness. It will help in massaging sensitive skin with tenderness. 

Applying Pressure during Facial massage

Applying Pressure during Facial massage

The applied pressure results in the calming down of our nerves. Several pressure points are located on our faces. Each of these points is related to different organs and problems like digestion, headache, and others. While massaging your face, don’t forget to massage these points – 

  • Drilling bamboo – This point is located on either side of our eyebrows. Apply firm pressure from your index fingers for at least 10 seconds. Massaging these points will help in curing headaches caused by eye strain, sinus, etc.
  • LI20 – LI20 can be found where our nostrils meet our faces. Apply gentle pressure on this point to cure congestion and itchy nose.
  • Eye area – Massaging the area above and below your eyes will help in the majority of things. This area is responsible for various eye movements, frowning, tissue movement, etc. Gently massage this area to avoid skin aging, wrinkles, and deep lines.
  • Temples – All of us are aware of the importance of massaging the temples. By using tips of your index finger on the forehead, would release tension and relieve stress. 

Before and After Preparations for Facial Massage

Before and After Preparations for Facial Massage

The preparations before and after starting the facial massage actively result in the effect of the massage.

Here are some of the requirements – 

Before facial massage – 

  • Clean your face with a mild cleanser. Before massaging, your skin should be clear for proper motions.
  • Apply facial oil according to your skin type. For dry skin, use almond oil or argan oils, whereas, for oily skin, jojoba or grapeseed oil. The oil is necessary for hydrating the skin and smooth motions. If you’re not comfortable with oil then use good quality moisturizer or cream.
  • Clean your hands and nails before the massage. Your efforts for the clear face would fail if your hands are not clean.

After facial massage – 

  • Stay hydrated. Hydration is important for clean and clear skin. 
  • Relax for at least 5 minutes after completing the massage. 
  • Try practicing it daily for better results.

Usage of Proper Fingers and Gestures

Usage of Proper Fingers and Gestures

The massage is effective if particular fingers are used. Usually, pointer, middle, and ring fingers are used. The pressure applied by these fingers is firm and limited. While applying circular motion on the face, use the pointer finger. For massage around lips, try scissor movements with pointer and middle finger.

Moreover, when you’re ending the massage with sweep motion, then use all three fingers for covering the majority of the area of your face. Apply broad strokes for entire massage and small or circular strokes near eyes or cheeks. Also, you can use knuckles for massage too.

Moreover, if you’re not comfortable with using your figures and unsure about the pressure applied then you can opt for face massager too. The skincare market is embellished with various facial trainer kits, facial rollers, etc.

Extra tips – Clean your fingers and nails intricately. Apply little drops of oil or moisturizer on tips of your finger for smooth motions.

Timings of Facial Massage 

Timings of Facial Massage

Generally, people tend to practice facial massage in the morning. When we wake up fresh and relaxed in the morning. If you’ve sufficient time for massage and skincare routine then you’re good to go. If not, then you can do this before sleeping for relieving muscles and skin tension. It is better to daily massage your face to avoid severe skin problems. Also, it will save you from the daily hassles of spa, parlors, and whatnot.

Extra tips – The massage would be beneficial if you do it after exercising or working out. If sweat releases and your blood circulation is at the top, then your muscles would be ready for the massage.


Our skins are delicate and we need to regularly take care of them. From skin breakouts to pimples, our face deals with a plethora of problems. With proper skincare routine and gentle facial massage, your face would rejuvenate again. Do it right and it’s unlikely, you’ll ever face anything but happy and glowing skin. Also, drink lots of water for clear skin!

Ready to put this complete guide of facial massage on the action? Share your experience below and let us know!

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