Amazing Products You Need To Wake Up Early

5 Amazing Products You Need To Wake Up Early

Waking up early can be a torturous task for many people. It gets harder as nobody wants to leave the comforts of their bed. One thing leads to another, you chug down numerous cups of coffee and get late for work. If you’re a part of this vicious loop then you definitely need to change your habit. We wish if there was a gentler and easier way of waking up.

Thanks to technology, we are blessed with various products helping us in waking up early. From morning lights to quick coffee making machines, it is definitely easier to wake up early. Your mornings will no longer feature irritability and drowsiness.

We have discovered 5 amazing products that will help you get on your feet and offer a good start. 

Ruggie – The World’s Best Alarm Clock

Designed by Winson Tam and a team of entrepreneurs, Ruggie is the best alarm clock you could gift yourself. As the name suggests, this rug is equipped as an alarm clock with no snooze button. Oh yes, you won’t be able to fool this clock. The rug is a pressure-sensitive alarm clock that turns off only if you firmly place your legs on it for 3 seconds. It requires you to get up from bed to sit or stand on it. You can also set the music of the alarm and place wherever it’s convenient for you.

The approach towards customers has been gentle too. The rug is equipped with customizable sounds which cheer you and offer motivation to take on the day. Also, the rug is made with soft fleece and a high-density memory foam pad. Its tender texture boosts the morning mood. Moreover, Ruggie has a bright LED display, a touch sensor, and is 15.5 inches longer and 23.5 inches wider.

Don’t forget, you have to plug in batteries to charge it. If you want to customize the alarm sound, speeches, etc. then connect a USB cable and connect it with your computer.

Innogear Upgraded 150 ml Aromatherapy Diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is our savior from stress, work, and tensed muscles but now it also excels in waking us up. Innogear Aromatherapy Diffuser is your perfect deal for waking up gently which not only wakes you up but relaxes your muscles and soul too.

This essential oil diffuser has 6 scents set – pure peppermint, tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, sweet orange, and lemongrass. You just need to set it near your bedside and turn on the working modes according to your necessity – intermittent, continuous mist, or off. It will go on as long your desire.

Innogear is equipped with 7 colors LED night light, Whisper-quiet ultrasonic operation, and 150 ml water capacity to purify the air. It doesn’t take much space and can be fitted anywhere.

Philips – Wake Up Light Alarm Clock

Philips – Wake Up Light is one of the most convenient products for rising early. It is often experienced that it becomes hard to get up from bed in a gloomy light. This is where this product will help you. This wake-up light mimics the sunrise and wakes you in a gentler manner. Before waking up, your room will be filled with faded sunlight. Set your wake-up time, this clock will light up the room before it and wake you up with a gentle alarm.

Before sleeping, the clock will disseminate dim sunset colors and relevant music. Before waking up, it will represent natural light and play one of the five soothing wake-ups sounds like the chirping of birds, Zen garden, gentle piano, and much more. If you want something different then you can attach the device in playing faded FM radio.

The battery of the alarm clock will last for at least 8 hours. You can charge the battery before going to bed. Also, it is equipped with a snooze feature that has the same effect as the original one. You just need to tap it and it will delay your wake-up time.  

Nespresso VertuoPlus

We can’t get going without caffeine in the morning. But the procedure of coffee making gets in the way and we simply leave for work. Don’t fret, Nespresso VertuoPlus will bless you by offering the quickest cup of joe.

The coffee machine takes almost 20 seconds to heat up and it takes hardly a couple of minutes in readying your coffee. The machine is equipped with automatic capsule ejection and the used container capacity is 10 large capsules mugs. This single-serve pod coffee maker will brew the flavorful coffee in seconds and creates a lavish frothy foam on top too.

The key feature of Nespresso VertuoPlus is that it has 5 coffee cup sizes – espresso, double espresso, gran lungo, coffee, and alto. It has a 1-year warranty and can be used effectively for the long term. Along with a brownie point, this best coffee maker is available in sleek style and has pastel colors too.

Snoozle – The Snooze Proof Alarm Clock

Save yourself from the loop of snoozing and sleeping by getting this amazing Snoozle Clock. This clock is hard to turn off. Even after removing the battery, zero buttons, and even hammering it won’t turn it off. The alarm goes off once you put the clock on the Snoozle platform.

Snoozle is perfect for parents who are done with waking their kids early. The alarm works in a practical way as you can set the fixed time for waking up and place the Snoozle base wherever your kid starts the day from. Once the alarm turns on, the kid has to wake up and put the clock on the base.

Created by Valentin Nicula, the clock is embellished with a bright LED display which is suitable for tracking the time in the night. Surprisingly, it works as a night light too. It has two parts – Snoozle clock and Snoozle base.


Rising early has become more convenient and gentler. These surplus technologies and products are making our lives easier and healthier. Brands like Philips and Nespresso are working for the betterment of their customers. The idea behind this approach is to ensure comfortability and trust. We hope you love these recommended products and let us know your happy morning moment!

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