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Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is the eternal way of healing and achieving. It is one of the six beliefs according to Hindu philosophical traditions. The derivatives of Yoga belong to liberation, control over five senses, and much more. This journey of contentment is much deeper than a healthy life. Apart from a physical exercise, the core of Yoga resides in a meditative and spiritual path too.

With a plethora of benefits, yoga is frequently practiced over the world. The health benefits of yoga are not only limited to physical health but mental too. This journey of contentment is much deeper than a healthy life. Even if you practice Yoga for 15 minutes, you’ll observe changes in your body and thinking both.

Now, before rolling out your best yoga mats, let’s have a look at the health benefits of Yoga. From better blood circulation to better focus, Yoga is the answer to everything. 

Better Flexibility

Practicing yoga is the perfect way to increase the flexibility of your body. The beginning can be painful as our muscles will turn sore from the intense routine. But it can be easily achieved with consistency and practice. Many yoga routines cover asanas which strengthen our entire body.

While stretching for flexibility, you have to be extremely careful. An extra stretch or crossing your limits can lead to muscle tear or rupture too. Slowly allow your body to stretch and try to do in bits everyday. Also, your clothing would play a major role in body movement. Wear comfortable clothes that let your body breath and stretch accordingly.

Combats with – Rigidity of body and tense muscles

Yoga poses for flexibility – King Pigeon Pose (one-legged), Bow pose (Dhanurasana) or simply bend to touch the floor. 

Boosts Muscle strength

An exercise that keeps you flexible and offers muscle strength? Well, yoga has conquered it all.  The asanas require perfect postures, gestures, and sometimes lifting too. These activities cover your entire body and boost energy level. The muscles slowly adapt the new stretch and starts strengthening accordingly. 

The asanas help in building strength in the core, shoulders, arms, and legs. The key behind achieving surplus muscle strength is by helping your muscles relax while practicing such asanas. Slowly expand your strength and allow your body to cross certain limits.

Combats with – Back pain and arthritis.

Yoga asanas for muscle strength – Side plank, dolphin pose, chair pose (Utkatasana), etc.

Increases Blood Flow

Another benefit of practicing yoga is an increase in blood flow. While practicing Yoga asanas, the blood passes from legs to pelvic and back to the heart. When you flip, extra blood and oxygen reach the head and scalp. The better blood circulation will help in curing hypertension, stroke, and heart diseases too.

Apart from blood flow, the activities help the oxygen in reaching cells, boosts hemoglobin and red blood cells. These asanas would require a yoga mat for a firm footing. A wrong pressure can lead to severe damages too. 

Combats with – Stress, Digestion issues, and impurity in blood.

Yoga poses for blood flow – Headstand, Handstand, Shoulderstand, etc.

Makes you Happier

Seems unreal, no? But, it’s true. The yoga asanas increases the release of happy emotions, i.e., serotonin. This neurotransmitter is released while slowly cherishing the yoga poses gently. A consistent yoga practice ensures discipline, positive thoughts, and zero signs of depression. Along with serotonin, dopamine (affects movement, happy emotions, and memories) also works for boosting happy emotions.

The link between mind control, body positivity, and happy hormones is quite strong. These factors are intricately connected and work in harmony for our betterment. Some of these asanas are easy and after completing it, happiness is usually felt. To take a break from work and chaos, these can be practiced.

Combats with – Depression, digestion issues, menstrual discomfort, etc. 

Yoga poses for positivity – Lotus Pose (Padmasana), King Dancer Pose, etc.

Better Focus

Sharpen your focusing skills by practicing yoga. While practicing yoga, you would often notice that our mind wanders around, this is known as monkey mind. To control your mind and emotions, many people practice yoga. It is difficult in the beginning but once you gain power over your thoughts it’d be surreal. Along with focus, a regular yoga practice would enhance coordination, reaction time, memory, and IQ too.

These activities are slow but their effect is quite strong. It controls the impulsive nature too. Our reaction and quick reflexes get under control of our minds. For instance, while doing Pranayama, you should focus on your breath and try to control it. This ensures a clear mind, better focus, and less distraction. Along with that, the nasal area gets clear and boosts the lungs’ strength.

Combats with – Distraction, cold and flu, etc.

Yoga poses for concentration – Pranayama, Corpse Pose, etc.

Increases Self Esteem

Doing yoga has a deep connection with self-confidence too. The “trendy culture” has forced people to get in perfect shape. To achieve it, people tend to cross limits and often try to settle in. This is where Yoga is introduced. The idea behind this journey is to provide time to your body and practice it regardless of your shape or style.

While practicing different yogas, we often achieve small wins like proper alignment or flexibility, etc. These small wins play a major role in feeling good about ourselves. We start accepting our bodies and feel thankful too. This body positivity helps in curing our psychological approach towards various things. We become more acceptable towards ourselves and others too. Once you start noticing positive changes in your body, you’ll embrace it.

Combats with – Depression, low energies, etc.

Yoga poses for self-esteem – Every yoga pose! Your body should cherish every new achievement.

Conclusion –

You must have realized that Yoga is the master of all. Even a quick yoga workout for 20 minutes would bring several changes. This journey from soul to mind is highly effective and soothing. We hope you’ve taken out your yoga mats from the storage and ready to practice some asanas. Until then, let us know how yoga benefitted you!

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