Best Tips to Ensure That Your Curtains Remain Looking New
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Best Tips to Ensure That Your Curtains Remain Looking New

Curtains are the hidden jewel of your house. Not only they offer a stylistic theme but they also add extra radiance to the beauty of a house. The materials required usually range from regular mixes to manufactured. In this article, we look over some amazing tricks on how to ensure that your blackout curtains remain looking new. 

  • The most ideal approach to guarantee that curtains are spotless is to vacuum clean them all the time. You can also use a plume duster or a build-up roller to clean leftover residue, flotsam, and jetsam, or pet hair. 
  • For wet cleaning, the standard technique for cleaning at home is to machine-wash. Although, you have to be careful about the wash-cycle and the amount of detergent. Also, make sure you wash the curtains separately from other items of clothing. 
  • Curtains with delicate work like precious stones and sequins should not be machine washed. 
  • Soft textures or curtains with vibrant hues ought to be dry-cleaned. Some directions and guidance are written on the extra note at the side of the Curtains. 
  • If you’re planning to wash the curtains at home then buy delicate and soft detergents. Absorb your blinds in a gentle detergent arrangement (contingent on the soil level) for 30 minutes. When the detergent mixture has settled, rub the curtains tenderly with a gentle bristled fabric brush. For extensive rubs, you can use your hands too. If you prefer to use fully automatic washing machines then follow a similar delicate cycle. To soak up the water, instead of using a dryer, air-dry the curtains. 
  • If you’re drying curtains in direct sunlight then flip the best blackout curtains to prevent fading of colors. 
  • An extra tip, there’s no harm in keeping two arrangements of curtains: one for everyday use and the other for special occasions. You can beautify your normal curtains with extra accessories too. 


Curtains come under one of the things that make your home look beautiful so it’s necessary to care about them. So we have jotted down some care tips to maintain the beauty of your curtains to help you maintain your curtains.  If you think there are some more ways to do it then let us know.

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