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5 Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Room in Quarantine

Creative Ideas to Decorate Your Room

The coronavirus pandemic is over us and no doubt, many of us are finding it difficult. After completing the work from home tasks, you can utilize this time to do something productive. And there’s nothing better than trying your luck at interior designing your personal room. Create a surreal ambiance and cozy vibes for your personal space. Here’s a compiled version of creative ideas that can be easily used during the quarantine. Have a look!

  • Designated Work Area
Designated Work Area

Work from home can be distracting because of the comforts of home. Don’t fret, you can easily get your work done by creating a separate space for your work. Push aside some furniture and place a slim laptop table far away from your bed. Add subtle colors, necessary stationery, and add minimalist style to create an office-like environment. You can also add table lamps for proper lighting.

  • Add fairy lights
Add fairy lights

Nothing can beat the light and bright decorating ideas for a room. Its time to take out some fairy lights and brighten up your room. You can hang them around the walls or near your table. Also, you can pair them with polaroids and create a separate cozy corner bed space. These lights will not only offer aesthetics but brighten up your room too. 

  • Creative Headboards
Creative Headboards

Bored by those plain walls near your bed? Utilize this quarantine by experimenting with some new looks. Take out your favorite bold wallpaper and paster it above your bed. Or, you can hang some pastel-colored drapes for a classy look. If you vibe with some boho patterns then you can hang bedsheets or several cloth pieces too. These headboards will add a new texture and color to your room.

  • Carpets 

Who doesn’t want to feel the soft touch of a carpet after getting up from the bed in the morning? All of us! Shine some light on those old rustic carpets tucked away in your backyard. Spread around these carpets around your room by placing them according to their sizes. You can place small-sized carpets near your dressing table or changing room. Also, you can horizontally place the carpet at the end of your bed and keep a table on it. Or, you can match the colors of breezy blackout curtains and carpets together.

  • Storage Space
Storage Space

Yes. storage space can enhance the look of your room too! Place a rustic trunk at the end of your bed and store your belongings. It saves spaces but also adds a chic placing of extra items in your room. You can add stacks of books or vintage suitcases in a separate corner. Or, you can place a rack and use clothes hangers for placing accessories and outfits. This idea is a real space saver and provides a neat look. 


Social distancing can be hard but that doesn’t mean you stop using creative ideas. This quarantine will not only keep you safe but bring out some productive decor ideas too. How’s your room decor going? Let us know.

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