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Natural Beauty: 7 Indian Brands to Look Out for Organic Beauty Products

We are already living in a polluted environment, from air to water everything is polluted. Already this pollution is harming us and our skin in many ways and on top of that the diet we follow is making it even worse. All the adverse effects are first reflected through our skin. The dull and unhealthy skin makes it clearly visible to the outside world. And not to mention the chemical skincare and haircare cosmetics just add more fuel to the fire. 

However, in recent years, people are in large numbers giving up on these chemically formulated skincare products, thereby switching to the herbal and natural beauty products

Now again with so many brands promoting themselves as 100% percent organic and natural, it gets tricky to choose the right brand for your skin and hair care. And to make this choice a little easier for you, here are the top herbal, organic and natural beauty product brands in India:  

7 Organic and Natural Beauty Brands in India:

  1. Khadi Naturals:
    Khadi Naturals proves the meaning behind its name by offering skincare and hair care products that are made out of 100% Natural Ingredients. Free from sulfates and Paraben, this is one of widely preferred organic beauty products brands in India. The brand offers beauty products ranging from bathing soaps to face wash to hair shampoo and is a complete package for your skincare and haircare range.
  2. Biotique:
    Founded in 1992, Biotique is India’s one of the oldest Organic beauty product brands. With a happy and satisfied customer base all around the country, Biotique has been rising popularly as the ultimate Organic brand.
  3. BareAir
    Even though BareAir is still young in the beauty product market, it has quickly made a name for itself owing to the natural quality it offers within affordable ranges. Use of natural beauty products like Shea Butter, Tea Tree Clay, Aloe Vera and many more, BareAir is antipollution skin products brand to try out if you haven’t till now.
  4. Himalaya Herbals:
    When we talk about organic and natural beauty brands in the country, Himalaya Herbals is a name that can never be skipped. The brand claims its products to be made from natural herbs found in the foothills of Himalayas and so the name. It is a trusted brand and has been in the business since 1930. It not only offers beauty products but has made a name for itself in the pharmaceutical industry, built completely over Ayurveda.
  5. Forest Essentials:
    Started with a mere Rs 2 lakh investment in 2000, Forest Essentials has come a long way and today stands out as one of the best luxury Ayurveda brands with business spread all over India, US, UK, Australia, and UAE. As a luxury brand, it offers services to even hotels and is a recognized brand.
    Free from adulterated ingredients, Forest Essentials is undoubtedly one of the finest natural beauty product brands.
  6. Organic Harvest:
    ‘Organic Harvest’, the name itself means harvested organically and this brand is proving that. Free from toxins and chemical ingredients, Organic Harvest is a well-known natural beauty product brand.
  7. Lotus Herbal:
    This is another famous natural beauty brand that has been in the business for over 25+ years. Choosing nature over chemicals, Lotus has made it possible for the people to adhere to organic skincare and haircare products.

It’s your choice to decide whether you love your skin more or the chemical beauty products you have been using until now. It’s time for a change.

Go green and make your skin happy with the right combination of herbal and natural products to enhance natural beauty.

Love thy nature and she’ll reward you with natural beauty!!

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