Handcrafted Leather Shoes
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Handcrafted Leather Shoes: The In Thing:

“ Leather and lace is such a sexy combination” and this statement never ceases to amaze me.  I have never stopped being fascinated by a pair of genuine leather beauties and the love for handcrafted leather shoes has only grown and led me to do some research on what exactly has made leather shoes a loyal soulmate.

Leather shoes are no more toddlers and have grown-up well-enough to compliment every outfit. They are no longer just the stereotyped formal shoes that go well only with formal dresses.

From formal meetings to casual hangouts, leather shoes have become a popular pick and coupled with the durability they bring in, Leather shoes have built a reputation as being enchanters! 

So what are the qualities of handcrafted leather shoes that make every soul want them:

Handcrafted Leather Shoes & their charm:

Art :

Art is infinite and cannot be confined to a specific person, place or thing. And handcrafted leather shoes have long been an adored piece of art and will continue to be so for long. It requires an eye for finer details, skill, experience, and expertise to design something that 

catches the attention of the eye instantly and such is the intrinsic property of hand craftsmanship. 
From perforated formal leather shoes to buckle strapped Borgue, leather shoes redefine art!! 

Unmatched Versatility:

Versatility, when combined with class and elegance, can make any soul fall in love. And leather shoes have become the epitome of versatility when it comes to footwear designs. From formal shoes to go alongside your Tux to leather sneakers for your casual days, handcrafted leather shoes rule the footwear industry. 

They go easy:

In this fast-moving world, time is of utmost importance and with a pair of leather slip-on and/or leather loafers, keeping pace with the world gets easy. No matter if you put on shorts or you dress-up formally for a family function, loafers, and slip-on kill every look. And when these pairs are handcrafted out of genuine leather, the beauty gets even better. 

Make your day brighter with their shine:

Handmade leather shoes are made with care and love for the soles. A pair of leather shoes can make even your dull day brighter with their shine. Finished with a reflective surface, patent leather shoes have never failed to serve this purpose. Shiny leather shoes are no more limited to the formals and have spread their wings further to encapsulate shiny sneakers,  


A pair of genuine leather soles will always return the love and care you bestow upon them. No sole is loyal than a pair of handcrafted leather shoes. Be it rough n tough days or be it happy and jolly days, the loyalty never fades. 
No other pair of shoes have a longer shelf-life than quality leather shoes. Quality leather is enduring as well as resilient to the hard days.


Leather shoes will always be the first love of every shoe lover no matter who steps in to take their place. Comfort, durability, quality, and style are the four pillars every handcrafted genuine leather shoe is made upon. 

It’s said matches are made in heaven, however, soulmates are handmade and everyone needs one. So if you don’t have a pair of leather shoes yet, you are missing the fun of sharing your hard roads travelled with ‘THAT SPECIAL’ someone.

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